dinsdag 25 mei 2010

Relationships can be difficult for highly sensitive people

“I am shy and I don’t start relationships with people normally. I guess I have a way that can seem aloof and sort of cold. They didn’t like me that much, but I never resented it. I was different than they were.”
Actor  Kristin Kreuk – about being in high school.

Being highly sensitive may include or even encourage social isolation, and involve more than usual challenges with friendships and romance. True peer relationships can be rare and demanding.

Of course, highly sensitive is not the same as shy, but a majority of HSPs are introverted, which can mean you don’t seek out friends or other relationships as easily as most people seem to do.
People who are highly sensitive may also find they need protective separation, even from well-meaning family and friends, and likely romantic partners, to protect and more fully realize themselves.

Kristin Kreuk (tv series “Smallville” and other tv, movie projects) also said in the same interview that she did not have a real high school boyfriend: “No one worth mentioning – it just wasn’t something I found. I got a lot done that way!”

She said she was “totally OK” with not having a boyfriend, and notes she was not like many teen girls: “The friends that I surrounded myself with – we didn’t talk about boys and clothes and makeup; we talked about world issues and philosophy and the meaning of life.”

Emotional reactivity may be part of the challenge of any relationship, but can be particularly acute for HSPs.

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