dinsdag 13 juli 2010

Help Is On Its Way: A Memoir About Growing Up Sensitive


Jenna Forrest: People with high sensitivity are very intelligent, intuitive, perceptive, and creative. They're very diligent about caring for others and wanting things to be at peace. Where the difficulty lies is that the world isn't always at peace.

Challenges begin in childhood, when as toddlers and pre-schoolers they pick up subtle signals, thoughts, moods and other sensory energy from home, in the neighborhood, from TV or school, or from their playmates -- and they don't know what to do with it.

Confused by her ability to feel other people's feelings, highly sensitive Jenna comforts herself by rescuing dead animals and escaping from elementary school. When her parents divorce, her mentally ill grandmother moves in and her sensitive uncle commits suicide. After the funeral, Jenna begins to read the messages coming in through her senses more clearly, as comforting guidance and premonitions about love, life, people and the planet. This is a decade-long journey of a girl whose nervous system is intricately developed, leading to sensory highs and emotional lows. Every secret thought and fear of this sensitive child (ages 6-17) is revealed here. Since 15-20% of kids and adults have the trait of high sensitivity, this perspective needs to be heard. The story addresses a sensitive child/teen's anxiety, sadness, courage, and urgent desire to do good things for the world. Edited by Emmy Award winner Molly McKitterick. Endorsed by Psychologist Elaine Aron and Author, Coach Eva Gregory.

Once an anxious person who hid her highly-tuned senses, Jenna now studies, practices and teaches time-honored personal empowerment principles as an author and mentor. Since writing Help Is On Its Way - A True Story, Jenna enjoys talking to audiences about the secrets of people living with sensitivity and discussing strategies designed to overcome odds, reverse restrictive beliefs, and realize big dreams.

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